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One of the most important things that we as Trappers or Hunters can do to protect our Heritage and our Rights, is to join our National and State Trappers Associations.

Even if you are not a trapper yourself, these are the folks that are out on the front lines everyday doing battle with the animal rights fanatics and others who would like to do away with our heritage and our rights.
We urge every trapper to join the National Trappers Association, Fur Takers of America and to become a member of your respective state of residence. Click Here to view NTA membership opportunities.
We're currently working on capabilities to accept memberships online. In the meantime, please pay your membership by mail.

Click Here for a printable MFTI membership application.

Membership applications and payment may be sent to our Membership Secretary:
Reed Muse
3499 Niner Road
Finksburg, MD 21048

For information, you may contact Katelyn Guy at
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