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We need to stay involved legislatively if we are to continue our right to hunt, trap, and fish.

The MFTI has successfully battled anti-trapping legislation in the past, and it is imperative that we continue to monitor proposed legislation in the future.  Only by contacting our legislators will our voice be heard.

Contact your legislators at
Maryland General Assembly webpage.
Maryland Fur Trappers have been protecting Maryland's Trapping rights since 1961. Now they are asking for you to join them in their quest to spread the word about how important wildlife management is through trapping. MFTI has several pieces of material for individuals that would like to hand out or to be included with any presentations you may give. For example a 10 minute video or DVD called Destroy the Myth. Showing the release of animals from a live hold foot trap ( Leghold trap ). Please refer to the contact page to order
this material or to find out how you can help. PLEASE stand up for trapping
by getting involved.
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