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Welcome to The Maryland Fur Trappers, Inc.

Established 1961, we are a group of sportsmen and women, dedicated to preserve the rights of all trappers, through the education of our youth and the general public.

We welcome the public to any of our trapping-related events, and are always available to help share the knowledge of responsible and ethical trapping.

Feel free to browse through our website to learn about the issues facing Maryland trappers, the events we host, and the educational services we provide.
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2023 Calendar of Events

April 1, 2023 -
17th Annual FBU Banquet

August 4-5, 2023 -
Annual MFTI Convention & Crab Feast

September 8-10, 2023 -
Advanced Trapper Education Course
Maryland's Department of Natural Resources is asking for your help! 
If you can give them any information on bobcat sightings throughout the state, please contact them at 301-334-4255.