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Advanced Trapper Education Course - September 9-11, 2022
Camp Hickory
Hickory Environmental Education Center
604 Pride Parkway, Accident, MD 21520
Maryland State Trapping School

Directions to Maryland State Trapping School
Camp Hickory, Garrett County
Hickory Environmental Education Center
604 Pride Parkway, Accident, MD 21520

Western Maryland, Garrett County Interstate I 68, exit 14A.
Take Rt 219 South towards Accident, MD.  Go approximately 4 miles to Northern Garrett High School, turn right.  Turn in the entrance to the high school and proceed around to the left of the school and to Camp Hickory. The Camp is located back in the trees beyond the football field and elementary school.
To provide a quality learning experience for beginning to advanced trappers.
1.Furbearer biology and management in Maryland.
2.Importance of trapping in resource management and animal damage control.
3.Overview of the fur harvest industry.
4.Animal behavior  (intelligence, dispersal, etc.), and their application in trapline strategies.
5.Effective lure and bait usage.
6.Principles of land trapping.
7.Principles of water trapping.
8.Snares and ethical snaring methods.
9.Fur Handling and grading
10.Trapping ethics:
       •Responsibilities to trapped animals
       •Responsibilities to the non-trapping public.
       •Responsibilities to fellow trappers and trapping organizations.
       •Individual obligations that contribute towards the continuance of the fur, harvest          industry.
September 9-11, 2022 (Check-in begins after 3pm on Friday).
Location / Facilities
Housing will be provided at Camp Hickory in scenic Garrett County, Maryland. Camp Hickory is a modern, year-round environmental education facility. Sleeping quarters, cafeteria, and the lecture hall are climate controlled. Attendees are required to provide their own bedding and toiletry items. Camp staff will provide all meals and snacks.
Trapping Conditions
Trapping will be conducted on both public and private lands. Trapping conditions are varied and will be representative of, and applicable to all regions of Maryland. Land trapping locations will range from crop and pasture land to rugged heavily timbered mountain terrain. Water trapping conditions will vary from slow moving beaver flowages to whitewater trout streams.
Your instructors have been selected from some of the premier trappers in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic Region. In addition, Maryland DNR, Wildlife and Heritage Service personnel will be present to conduct lectures and provide technical expertise.
Class Size
To insure that students receive ample personal attention during field activities, class size will be limited to approximately 40 individuals. Pre-registration is encouraged.
$120.00 for MFTI members, $145.00 for non-members, $70.00 for attendees under age 16.  The non-member fee includes a one year membership to the MFTI. Payment should be made to the Maryland Fur Trappers Inc.. Payment can be made online (July 1), at the school or mailed in advance to
Jaime Glenn, 3018 Harpers Ferry Rd, Sharpsburg, MD 21782
Phone 301-465-0197 or email

A limited number of scholarships are available for qualified individuals. It is the Maryland Fur Trappers Inc., sincere wish that all interested persons may attend. If fees or transportation are a barrier to your attendance, please contact Jaime Glenn at the number listed above. Every effort will be made to address your specific needs.
Conduct Statement
A standard of behavior is necessary to preserve the integrity of the Maryland State Trapping School, and to protect the health and safety of all participants. Instructors will supervise all activities and advise / enforce all rules pertaining to this event. Misconduct may forfeit your fees and continued participation in the Maryland State Trapping School. All minors that are not accompanied by an adult shall be required to possess a contact phone number for their parent or guardian, and a signed copy of the  Health Information form. (Email Jaime for a copy of the form prior to attendance.)
      •Firearms, alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco products are prohibited on Camp Hickory grounds.
Equipment List
1.Provided by the student:
      •Toilet articles including towels, soap, etc..
      •Bedding and pillow or sleeping bag.
      •Foul weather clothing.
      •Knee and/or hip boots or waders.
      •Paper and writing instruments.
2.Provided by the Maryland State Trapping School:
      •Meals, snacks, and drinks.
Please email or call if there are dietary allergies or restrictions.
      •All necessary trapping equipment. However, students are encouraged to bring their own equipment if desired.
Contact List
If additional information is needed, please contact one of the following people:
Jaime Glenn (301) 465-0197 or
Richard Garrett
Dan Baker (410) 610-3311
3:00  -   6:00  pm.Sign in
5:30  -   6:30  pm.Dinner
7:00  -   7:15  pm.Orientation
7:15  -   8:15  pm.Maryland Furbearer Biology and Management
8:15  -   8:30  pm.Break
8:30  -   9:30  pm.Animal Movements, Dispersal, and Intelligence
9:30  - 10:00  pm.Lure Usage

6:00  -   7:00  am.Breakfast
7:00  -   8:00  am.Snaring Techniques
8:00  - 12:00  pm.Land Trapping (individual groups)
12:00 - 12:30  pm.Bag Lunch On Trapline
12:30 -   5:00  pm.Water Trapping (individual groups)
5:00  -   6:00  pm.Dinner
6:00  -   7:00  pm.Instructors Round Robin
7:00  -   7:30  pm.Ethics
7:30  -   8:00  pm.Laws And Regulations
8:00  -   8:15  pm.Break
8:15  -   9:15  pm.Beaver Trapping
9:15  - 10:15  pm.APHIS / Wildlife Service

6:00  -   7:00  am.Breakfast
7:00  - 10:00  am.Check And Pull Traps
10:00 - 11:30  am.Fur Handling And Grading
11:30 - 12:30  pm.Lunch
12:30 Question / Answer Session, Adjournment
Tentative Schedule
Applications must be received by August 31, 2022.
  See below for online registration
Student Application
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Please complete application prior to submitting payment (Part 2).
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Online Tuition Payment
Classes are limited to ages 10 and over.  If you have a child under 10, please contact us at to inquire.