• Established in 1961, The Maryland Fur Trappers are dedicated to preserve the rights of all trappers, through the education of our youth and the general public.

• The MFTI regularly monitors all state and national legislation regarding our sport, and is quick to respond to any anti-trapping measures which might be introduced.

• We regularly provide trapping instruction for youth and adults.

• A Convention is held yearly to promote our association and provide an opportunity for our members to purchase supplies, attend seminars, and enjoy the benefits of the state's trapping fraternity.

• Fur sales are held during the winter season whereby members can receive top dollar for their items.

• The MFTI provides a yearly scholarship to college students, plus is a proud sponsor of the annual Miss Maryland pageant.
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The Maryland Fur Trappers organization has nearly 400 members.  They are scattered across the state and reside in all of our counties.  Formed in 1961, the organization is dedicated to the protection, enhancement and management of Maryland's wildlife. The members seek to promote an understanding of the biological, cultural and economic value of the fur industry in Maryland.
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